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Why do people enjoy Stained Glass so much?

 I think people enjoy it so much because its historically significant art, its colour and light, its craftsmanship and for a moment you can be taken away to another time or place. Often you’re looking at old windows it’s the musty smell of the surrounding church or old building that evokes a memory or a thought.

If its a newer commission it can create a big impact on the space that it lives in. Bringing moving light and colour into a room or screening an area without the feeling of being closed in. 


How long does it take to turn Stained Glass piece around?

The time it takes from concept to completion can vary. This is due too many factors including detail and types of glass sought. If it’s a restoration it’s hugely important to get colour and texture as spot on as you are able, this means hunting around for old glass or finding matches in newer ranges.

If a customer has chosen to have painting, fusing, etching or sandblasting then this also adds on time due to kiln turn around (often 24-hour turn around for pieces in the kiln and you can be doing 3 or 4 layers of paint and shading sometimes) the other processes all take their time too.

A very difficult question to answer specifically though as each window is different to the next. Give me a call and we can chat through your requirements.