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I have always had a deep appreciation of stained glass from when I was little and my mum used to make me go to church every Sunday. Instead of listening to the sermons, I would gaze up high at the windows and look at all the people, animals and patterns in them and make exciting stories up about what they were all doing.

I loved the way when the sun shone through them and how they created dancing lights on the floor and furniture of the musty old church.

I think that these are still my favourite things about stained glass. Especially when looking at the old historical windows. They make me imagine who originally made them, in the days when they had teams of people making them.

One would be the glass cutter, another the leader, a solderer or a painter. All would be an expert in their field of craft, skilled and living in another time altogether.

I love finding the smaller details when you can get in close and find the ornate patterns, the hidden creature, the perfect strokes of a well worked painters brush.

So why not come and try one of my Stained Glass Window courses or commission a piece for a special occassion?